The Beginning

Well, I have to start somewhere, no?! I am not promising myself much- anything really. I just want to give this a shot. I don't know where I will go with it, but I gotta start somewhere!

A plan:
I'll begin with a bit of who I am and what my interests are.. and we'll see where it goes!

More about me:
I was born and raised in the northern United States. I was adopted at a young age- as far as being a child is concerned, and quite an old age as far as being adopted is concerned. I will write about that here. I graduated with a degree in elementary education. I taught for three years, and though I am home now with my children, I approach life with my 'teacher' brain, so that will probably manifest here as well. I am a wife and mother and I will write about that. I am a child of the King- King Jesus that is, and I plan on writing about that too.