look Mama!

Mama! Look! Look Mama! What child? What is it, I ask, only half interested. What is it? She stands there pointing above me, beyond me, speechless. We stand there, she and I. I on the back steps facing the yard, her body facing me, yet her eyes lifted up, fixed on whatever has captured her attention. Mama! Just look! (Still pointing) Please dear, could you just use your words? Tell me what you want me to see. Mama. Look! (still pointing). Sadly this continues awhile longer until I relent, coming down from the steps to fix my attention on that which she delights. I join her in the yard and as I turn and lift my eyes, I see that which has left my girl speechless. The clouds are parted just so and the sunlight pours out from the clouds in fantastic rays- more beautiful than words I have to describe the splendor of it all. I stand there and weep and thank my Father for the strength to get over myself long enough to take in this moment in time with her. I ask her what it all makes her think and her response is simply "heaven". Her heart and mind have been set on heaven since she has been old enough to communicate it. She'll be baptized soon and she is so excited. I cant help but know she's been waiting her whole life for this- for a glimpse of heaven.