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WFMW toy edition

I heart etsy. When I find myself staying up way past my bedtime, I like to look around. Here are some of my favorite toys that are selling. I have no connection to these people. I just like the things they are selling.

For pretend food here and here and here.

For sock monkeys go here and here .

For toy trains here and here.

I also like the idea of doing magazine subscriptions like Highlights or God's World.

Thanks for visiting me! Come back next week, when I will post about an alternative to gift giving!



I just LOVED this story, and it reminded me of my childhood...So I decided to tell my own story this morning! Thanks for the memory.

When we were children, my father had a LOUD rumbly truck. We could here him three blocks away it was so loud. Nearly every day when we heard that sound that told us he was coming, we'd quickly ride our bikes to the end of the block and wait for him while he continued the first two blocks. By now we could see him coming and we would race him home. He'd kick the motor to neutral (he had a downhill drive the rest of the way) and it would roar. He'd coast home while we sped as fast as our feet would take us. The bikes would be thrown into the yard and we all had hugs for him. We love our Dad.


Adoption story continued

We went to a counselor a few times and the adoption was finalized. We grew up in a new, not quite so podunk town in the midwest. We did normal kid things and had normal sibling rivalry. When I look at what RAD is, I wonder would we have been diagnosed?

My brother lied excessively. I was excessively compliant. I told my brother and sister, 'We call these people Mom and Dad now', only days after moving in. I feared being given away again and if affected everything. I really didn't want to mess up. My sister became a teenage mother and has spent large parts of her daughter's life living away from her. She is now coming around, but what damage has been done in this little girl's life? What about my biological mother, did she suffer from RAD when her mother left her at a tender age and how far back does this all go? Where will it end?