I'm cradling the future in my arms tonight

It was the day of the big game and we're all crowded around the tube with our tummies stuffed and anticipating which would be the next championship team.  We like football!  It was a sweet moment with my middle boy all wrapped and cuddly in my cozy arms.  In moments like these, it's easy to forget the big screen and cherish, treasure the snuggles and think about what this one has come through and what could be immeasurably, abundantly more for him in his many days to come.

He had recently been afflicted with a form of pneumonia and now today again with a tummy bug. And while these past few weeks have been but a shadow of his former days, they have been a challenge for this mamabear to see this middle boy struggle through another illness.  As in those days, we get on our knees and pray for comfort, pray for strength and pray for healing, for his body to come into alignment with the Creator's plan for his body.

In previous years, he has battled up to 15 food allergies in addition to the seasonal and environmental allergens, battled skin care challenges and asthma regimens.  We kept Jeremiah 17:14 in our focus.  "Heal me, Lord and I will be healed.  Save me Lord and I will be saved for you are the One I praise."  It's wasn't overnight, but God led us through an adventure that has complete and total healing on the other side. We aren't there yet, but we will one day be.

Whenever he encounters sickness in any form, how quickly my mind wanders back to the dark days for him.  And how quickly God reminds me that he faithfully brought my middle through those dark days. He has plans to prosper him and plans for a future for my middle boy.

That night, I snuggled, cuddled and praised Him for all He has done and imagined what He has yet to do in this little one's life and sat amazed that I get to witness it and love him through it all.

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