Adoption story continued

We went to a counselor a few times and the adoption was finalized. We grew up in a new, not quite so podunk town in the midwest. We did normal kid things and had normal sibling rivalry. When I look at what RAD is, I wonder would we have been diagnosed?

My brother lied excessively. I was excessively compliant. I told my brother and sister, 'We call these people Mom and Dad now', only days after moving in. I feared being given away again and if affected everything. I really didn't want to mess up. My sister became a teenage mother and has spent large parts of her daughter's life living away from her. She is now coming around, but what damage has been done in this little girl's life? What about my biological mother, did she suffer from RAD when her mother left her at a tender age and how far back does this all go? Where will it end?

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