Why now?!

It's taken me awhile to put this post together. I was sick a few weeks ago, and I think my brain is still recovering!

So, I keep asking myself, why now? I am nearly 30, well not this year, but I am looking at it soon enough :) Why has it taken me so long to accept my biological parents back into my life? This is especially interesting to me because as a senior in high school, I was reuniting with members of my biological family, just not the parents.

So, why now?

I learned something last year from the Almighty and it has changed my course. Plus, I have a husband who has been wanting to see this reconnection. For some reason, he thought it'd be good for me. AND, He's ALWAYS right.

This is what I learned- in a nutshell. Before creation, Satan separated himself from God. Satan deceived Eve, and in the deception, in the original sin, Eve ( and Adam, knowingly) separated the entire human race from God. See, God and man walked together in the garden, but you know the story, they were cast out as punishment. The connection was severed, human beings were no longer one with their maker. When Jesus comes again, (Hallelujah! I anticipate that day!) there will no longer be that separation! Jesus will not only reunite us with God the Father, but also with all the children of God. We will no longer be separated by the walls we put up.

So, I got to thinking. It's Satan's desire to separate me from the ones I love and the ones who love me. And, if my earthly parents do love me, then I am giving Satan the power in these relationships, by allowing the separation to continue. But, God desires us to be connected with one another. And, I have the power to bring about the reconnection! So that is why now. I wanted to see God work in these relationships. And I am so thankful that I have!

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