This habit of writing (almost) daily is so good for me. I enjoy the moment to reflect, looking for blessings in my day or challenges to issue myself. It seems to make life more purposeful. I like that.

I don't have so much to say just now.

My read the Bible in 90 days challenge is coming along quite well and that pleases me. I've made it through the most difficult books and have started in on Deuteronomy.

I've started a twenty one day fast with my church and thousands of others across our nation with their own churches. This is the first time I have fasted. I never really knew about fasting in the church denomination I grew up in and since losing denomination (HA! I like that phrase!), I've been nursing or pregnant and chosen not to... This should be a good challenge and I hope to draw closer to my Savior and Friend, Jesus.

I had a great day: getting back to routine after some sickness and the holidays before that. Glad to be doing Bible time again with my children and hoping to begin more 'school' subjects with them too! Yet another challenge I'm issuing myself. This should get interesting!

That's my five minutes for tonight. Sorry it wasn't worth much.

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