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Again tonight I find myself without much to write.....

The reason I titled yesterday's post, discipline, is that I know writing is a discipline and I want add discipline in my life. That I want to write daily for the purpose of writing and thinking and using my brain.

Which reminds me, at church, we are teaching the children that discipline is doing what you need to now so that you can grow stronger. Well, I want to be a stronger writer. So, I need to write more. I want to be a stronger thinker, so I need to think more. And writing and thinking. They go together. I may be on to something!

Even on the days when I don't feel like I have much to write, I really do. Which is why I need to discipline myself to do it.

I want my faith to be stronger. I want my faith to have action. I can't simply sit around and hope for that to happen. I must DO something. I must have discipline to think out my faith and put it to service. I can lay in bed in the morning hoping for a good day, but it doesn't do me much good. I can arise before my children and create something fabulous and healthy for when the awake. We can spend time learning God's word together and learning how to apply it to our lives (Really, it's me teaching my children, but I like using 'we'). If I can be disciplined to do this each day, then perhaps... It won't be a discipline for them; it will be a habit. How glorious that would be!

So, I guess I did have something to say afterall...

Tune in tomorrow when I 'll have more of 'nothing much to write.'

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