100th Post!

In honor of my 100th post, 100 random facts about me.

1. I love Jesus.

2. I love my husband.

3. I have birthed three children since 2005.

4. They share the initials, TLC.

5. I took piano lessons until college.

6. I am looking forward to getting back to it. Maybe it's like riding a bike?

7. I have a college degree in elementary education.

8. I taught in a real true school for three years.

9. Now, I teach at home. It's much more difficult.

10. My children have five sets of grandparents.

11. I was adopted when I was seven.

12. Three sets come from me. Two sets are from my husband.

13. We are determined, with the help of God, to break the cycle of divorce for our children.

14. I like to be barefoot. Even in winter, but it's okay, I live in the south.

15. I've breastfed my baby on Folly.

16. I've played in the sand at sunrise at Isle of Palms. It's the best because no one is out there at that hour!

17. I like to have root beer floats made with chocolate ice cream.

18. I pretty much like chocolate.

19. I don't watch tv. Except Jack Bauer and American Idol and probably a couple others.

20. I like to have fried eggs for breakfast, but I am fasting from them, because I suspect my baby boy is allergic.

21. I like to knit.

22. I don't know how to crochet.

23. For my first date, I went to the movies with a 'friend'. I got busted when my mom's coworker was also waiting in line.

24. I hope my daughter doesn't feel the need to sneak and lie.

25.I don't like scary movies.

26.I like Jane Austen.

27. Mr. Darcy is my favorite.

28. I listen to southern gospel music.

29. And Christian music from the 90's.

30. Mostly, I listen to Pandora.

31. Jennifer Knapp is my favorite.

32. I am a butterfly.

33. I started writing a blog after reading BooMama and Rocks in My Dryer for a year!

34. In high school, my mom made me wear a skirt to school once per week.

35. I hated it.

36. I would put extra clothes in my backpack for changing.

37. I worked in a conservative Christian school, and I had to wear dresses or skirts every day.

38. Now, in the summer time, I mostly wear skirts.

39. I struggle with feelings of insecurity.

40. I remind myself, my security is in Christ Alone.

41. I want to home school my children.

42. I am afraid I am not organized or strong enough.

43. My husband thinks they'll be socially awkward.

44. I've been able to travel a lot as a child, not so much as an adult. I've been to:

45. New York

46. Grand Canyon

47. Yellowstone

48. Mt Rushmore

49. the top of the arch in St. Louis

50. the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago

51. Gatlinburg

52. Falcon's training camp (on my honeymoon)!

53. California (and stayed next to an avocado farm and still LOVE avocados)

54. I don't like to drive. I much prefer to be a passenger.

55. I once had free flight (stand-by) privileges.

56. I only ever flew to Indiana to see family.

57. I like to memorize scripture.

58. I can't ever remember the 'address' of the scripture I memorize.

59. I like the one that says 'we know God works out everything for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

60. It's been true for me in my life.

61. I am a survivor.

62. But only by His Love and Grace.

63. I love my church.

64. They can't be held responsible for my ramblings.

65. I like to eat frozen grapes.

66. I heart Burt's Bees products.

67. My all time favorite shoe is the Birkenstock Arizona.

68. I like purple. So did my great grandmother, but I just found that out recently.

69. Chocolate is my comfort food.

70. I just planted my first veggie garden.

71. I am really exciting about.

72. And a little nervous that it may fail.

73. I am most excited about the tomatos.

74. And the peppers.

75. And the onions.

76. And the cilantro.

77. So, I can make SALSA!

78. I am really quite shy.

79. This blog helps me figure things out.

80. I like to write.

81. This blog is about relationships.

82. I was thinking about doing a series on meaningful relationships from my past.

83. I like to do Beth Moore studies. She makes the Bible real to me.

84. Actually, Jesus does that. He just uses her really well.

85. Spring is my favorite season.

86. I really like the fresh fruits.

87. My birthday is in the spring.

88. And I really like the warmer weather

89. and the cool weather

90. and having the windows open.

91. On 9/11, I woke up to the frantic broadcast on my clock radio. I immediately and frantically called my brother who's a member of the Air Force to see if he was OK. He calmed me down.

92. My brother is my hero. He serves in the US military.

93. But the real reason Spring is my favorite is because Easter is my favorite holiday (holy day).

94. My Jesus is alive! and he reigns!

95. My children have, from time to time, been known to say/sing He Reigns!

96. I like real fresh made lemonade. Like you get at Chick-fil-A.

97. Sometimes, I am completely random. It's how my mind works.

98. I used to be paid to teach.

99. Did I mention I like chocolate? Real good chocolate too- not the cheap stuff.

100. Did I mention I love Jesus?

PS I am recovering from my weekend. I'll update about my reunion soon!

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Congratulations! Keep up the good work.