I am working on my story... Which will have to be a series of posts! There's birth stories- mine and my children's. There's an adoption story. There's a husband story. There's reunion stories. So much to write about!

There's a lot going on in my life right now, less time to write. But, there is so much going on, there's a driving desire to write, to work it out. So many times, this exercise of writing has been an exercise of working out my emotions. I think of this one time, especially.

I'd like to add schedule to my life and routine and to my children too. Am I crazy? Is anybody out there? Do you have an answer?

Well then. I have a lot on my to do list to write. So come back. It's going to get interesting.


vehementflame said...

feeling the same way! What is normal? What is a schedule? What is time???

gnandpa2tlc said...

I am perhaps not a foremost authority in the area of parenting and home economics since I spent all of my parenting years in the workplace and in many cases neglected the real needs of my children while hiding behind the shield of physical provision and personal achievement. With that said you might wonder why I am offering advice to a young parent who just happens to be my firstborn granddaughter whom I love! Someone once said that success is standing upon your failures so that is my platform!

I have noticed that when I start my day without a plan I usually accomplish everything I have planned. I need some direction in order to keep myself on track. You are familiar with my belief that God wants to be involved in everything we do and He gives us examples to pattern our lives by. When you look at all that He has created and all that He does there is order and evidence of careful planning. Nothing He does is haphazard or chaotic. I believe He intends us to pattern our lives after Him and make an effort to be orderly. That should be no problem with three under four!:)