Grandma story #1

I wrote a real note today. My grandmother doesn't own internet access, so I write to her a few times a year. As I was thinking of her today, I was saddened that I don't know her better, that I have so much to learn from her life, her legacy, and I never really recognized it.

Here's a little of what I wrote to her:

First, I caught her up on the children and what is happening around here, then in closing:

"How I wish to be around your kitchen table again, hearing about you and the goings- on of the cousins and to just be in your company.

I remember while in college, longing for simpler days that the future would surely hold, once I graduated, but I find that not to be the case. That 'staying' home as a mom wasn't much of a job, but now I see it differently.

I see for many years your labor was intense (she was a farmer's wife with 5 children), your devotion to your family strong. What a blessing your children are to their families and that you must also be to them! I see I have much to learn from your example and I thank you so much!"

These sentiments just poured out from my hand, much like they do on the keyboard, without the benefit of spellcheck! Hopefully Grandma won't notice.

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