grandma story #3

I am telling Grandma stories in honor of 'Mother's Day'. It's taking me longer than I thought it would, but there's a lot of Grandma types in my life and I've had something of a stressful week!

This grandma has been in my life a bit more than 10 years now. She married (biological) Grandpa after we were adopted and before we were reunited. So, she came along with the reunion.

This grandma inspires me. We share a love for Jesus, reading books, correct grammar and many more things. I've seen her (and Grandpa) grow their own vegetables (and flowers!), can those vegetables (and I helped!) make bread, sew amazing quilts, and another dozen things my brain is too tired to remember at the moment. She's even helped me with my taxes!

I've learned much from her and I am so thankful to know her!

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