Mother's Day?

We just got finished with one consumeristic, overly commercialized day... Are you ready for another?

After all, it is THE reason I decided to bear children. Not really. I counted the number of cards I am mailing to mothers and grandmothers this year. There's 12. Two people with 12 mothers and grandmothers. That's crazy. If I buy into the commercialism and send flowers to each of these special people, I'd be spending about $250. That's half my monthly grocery bill! I just can't do that.

Doesn't this life I live honor my mother? Why do I have to also be consumeristic? Doesn't that go against the values I learned from my mother?

Here's what I am going to do: My list included 12 special women, mostly mothers and grandmothers to my husband and I, with a couple extra special women thrown in too! So, for the next 12 days- or maybe more, if my hands are busy with my children, I am going to tell the story of these women and the impact they have had on me!

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vehementflame said...

sweet! and a great idea- I DESPISE all those big words you used pertaining to those types of days...:) I NEVER let the hubby buy junk- just good stuff, expensive pots and pans, stoneware, dehydrators..hmmm what else is on my dream kitchen list.