Adoption story

They were married over the winter in my great grandparents living room and I was born in the spring. The next summer my brother was born. Then a couple years later, my sister was born. This is where my memories begin. I have few memories of my mother and father. Mostly the memories are with other family. At some point after my sister was born, they divorced. Maybe it was simply because they were sooo young. I don't really know, but I do still blame myself. There is no logical reason for this and in my brain I know that I have no blame, but it's there. I remember she worked a lot and it must have been hard. 20 years old, single mom to three kids! Some days are hard for me, and I have a wonderfully supportive husband, am nearly 10 years older and have a college education. It must have been hopeless for her. And while I know that, I still question it and it still makes me sad.

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