More bug love

The last post reminded me of an event this summer. We usually go for walks, though not so much recently with the new baby and all... One particular day, Talia found a centipede. It was love at first sight. I mean REAL love. The centipede was as large as her hand and upon finding it, she picked it up and carried it all. the. way. home. We were 1/2 mile from home. Have you ever walked with a three year old for a mile? It's slow. It took us 45 minutes to walk that 1/2 mile. When we finally reached our humble abode, she refused to come inside. It was hot and I was nine months pregnant. I didn't want to stay outside. She wanted to bring the centipede inside. I just wanted a cold drink. So we settled on this. She could sit on the porch with her centipede. She did. For an hour. It died. You know the story , Of Mice and Men, it was kinda like that. She informed me, "he's taking his nap." And layed him in a flower pot. Next day, she says, "Look Mama, HE CAME BACK!!!" I tried to tell her that he died, but she insisted, "He's just sleeping." So there you have it... He's just sleeping.

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