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When T1 was not quite two, she began a ritual I would prefer to forget. She would wait til nap time to poop. Once in the crib, she would remove the diaper, poop and smear it EVERYWHERE! A little sniff sniff as I walked down the hall revealed what I had ahead of me- time for cleaning the crib, cleaning the girl, redressing the bed, redressing the girl, and calming her back down to return to napping... It wore. me. out. It happened daily. for months. It was enough to make a person stop having children. But, I was already pregnant.

So, T2 has taken an interest in the potty. Now, I really am not ready to potty train him- so I won't. But, I don't see the harm in encouraging him when he gives me signs that he wants to use the potty. Right? Well, today he pulled a T1- in that once in his crib, he removed his diaper and smeared poop all. over. his. crib.

What is a mother to do? Any ideas? Please?


Wendy said...

Well, I don't know whether or not this is helpful, but my middle child figured out how to undress herself (including the diaper) at a ridiculously early age. When I put her to bed at night, I'd safety pin the zipper on her pajamas closed so she would stay clothed all night. I figured if she couldn't get to the diaper she couldn't take it off.

Wani said...

I'm so sorry. I have been frustrated w/ my 3 1/2 yr old who has no interest in going poo in the potty. But he has kept his poo in the diaper so far. Let me know if you get any great tips. Good luck.

RLR said...

This isn't my idea - but try duct tape. I also started putting pull-ups on my kids at that age - even if you only use them at naptime, you have to rip the Pampers ones to get them off.

amysfinerthings said...

I kept my son in onesies until he was done playing with poop. Would that help, or would your little houdini make quick work of the snaps... Good luck.

queenoftheclick said...

I don't have any kids, but all I thought was oh she needs some duct tape. Someone else also recommended the duct tape.....but then is duct tape safe???

How about one piece pajamas so that he can't get to it.

Good luck Mom!

Andi said...

try putting on footless one piece pjs backwards. or, try to duct tape. anything to keep them in their clothes so they can't get the diaper off.

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

Duct tape works magically. As does clothes put on backwards.

Oh dear me, what a crazy problem to have.

Best wishes!!

Charlotte said...

Thanks for the comments.. I do cloth diapers- I don't know how he got it off, but anyway, the duck tape probably won't be working w/ the cloth too well... Great idea though! I think he may have been in bed w/ diaper and tshirt, and I LOVE the ideas for dressing him backward- so that will totally WORK FOR ME! THanks one and all!

Donna said...

My son would do the same, not only at nap time but all the time. If he pooed, I needed to change him quick because he did not like being in a dirty diaper. I would:

make sure to have a snap crotch to anything he was wearing

put the diaper on backwards

always put overalls on

Always put him in sleeper jams with a safety pin keeping the zipper closed (works like a charm)

i hope this helps.

Sam said...

Instead of using a safety pin (I was always afraid it would accidentally open as my little one insisted on playing with it) I turned the footed pajamas inside out. It worked great and kept her dressed, warm, and clean.