can babies read?

I have seen these info-mercials on TV lately about babies reading! Shocking! I have also had students teach themselves to read at pretty young ages- but not as babies.

Is this for real?

Is this a good idea?

Does it really work?

How much of my time should I devote to teaching my children - who are under the age of 5- to read?

I'd like to have 'school time' for my oldest each day, but the truth is, it only happens a couple days a week. I'd like to have more structure in my day, with a Bible time for everyone with a lesson, and some verse memorization going on... and I am working on getting that going. But I really wonder about this reading thing.

My oldest just learned to say the alphabet this year and is recognizing about 1/2 the letters. I think I need to work on that some more before I tackle reading. I did put together some phonics activities/games to work on with her. I do read to all my children everyday.

I think I 'll keep doing what I am doing and not push them into reading- it just doesn't sound good to me. Maybe it's kinda like diapers and potty training... When they are ready, they are ready- right?! Anything before that is just frustrating!


Nancy Douglas said...

I don't see what the hurry would be in pushing a child to read early other than pride prompting us to brag. Lot's of love and play is more important in the early years.

It was good to visit your blog.

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

I wouldn't worry about rushing it. I think it is kind of like potty training. You keep on encouraing and trying, but when they are ready, it will happen.

My friend has a web site abcjesuslovesme.com which I use to teach my almost 4-year-old daughter. We don't do everything each week. But, we do try to do the Bible Story and letter at least.

Since my number 3 is a girl, I'm thinking it won't be too long after my son potty trains that I get her trained. Right?

I like your verse at the top of your blog. It is one I try to apply to my life a lot.

Good to "meet" you.