Adoption story continued

One day she says to me, 'Would you like to be adopted?' And I remember saying, 'sure, Mom.' Crazy huh? So that settled it. We stayed with the new parents one weekend and then soon after we moved in with them. What I still find absolutely amazing is how one couple would decide to take in all three of us. Now, I read many blogs and I know many families from my days in teaching where some families have done similar things, and I think it no less amazing. It is an indescribable gift to give siblings to allow them to grow up together when their biological parents can do it. Thank you for what you do every day to my parents (you know, the ones who adopted me) and to you who are reading.

Now, the thought of never seeing her again didn't really occur to me. After I was adopted, I never asked my parents about her. My brother and I would tell my sister stories about our aunt and uncles and our grandparents. We missed those people, but I don't remember sharing stories about the very people who brought us into this world.

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