It's about time!

In 2002, I completed my elementary education degree from Indiana University. It was wonderful. I did some subsitute teaching because I finished the degree mid-year. The pay wasn't enough to support myself, so I also worked weekends in a department store. And I loved both jobs.

I was very successful in college, earning a degree with academic distinction. If I had stayed in that town, I would still be teaching there today- and probably not needing the second job.

However, the next year my newly aquired husband and I moved south - where teaching jobs were in need. Not having a license in my new home state- or the $100 required to get such license, I pursued a job in a private school. I was hired on the spot. For $22,000/year. I could have looked more. I could have borrowed the $100 that was not in my tight budget, but I took the job. I worked there for three years, and I LOVED it. I loved the families and the staff. I had an amazing boss. Now I am home with my own children- and I love this job.

But, if I had to seek employment, this is where I'd look: Charter School

There are so many reasons why- it's not just about the money- well, more money is nice, right?
I digress...
It seems that:

Higher payed professionals are treated with more respect than lower payed professionals. Consider doctors, lawyers, politicians, company VIPS. We value these folk's opinions and education more than the lower payed/educated counter parts. It just makes sense to do so. Now, all are needed to make the world go round, but some are held to higher regard. Aren't the teachers of our children- our tomorrow- worth as much as these individuals?

A number of highly qualified teachers quit the profession in just five years. Why?

Paying the teachers more money means having fewer programs and extra stuff. I think the trade off is fine, great even. It means getting back to the basics- reading, writing and arithmetic. That will make for successful students, because the focus is in the right place.

Now, let's just bring back the prayer- the acknowledgement of a God who exists- cares even for the details of a child's life and for his education. Then we'd have some real school sucess. Don't you think?

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Julie Stiles Mills said...

This experiment is so compelling! I can't wait to see how it turns out. I'm a corporate trainer and consultant so I can be an educator AND make money doing it.

Thanks for the visit and the comment. Glad you weren't put off by the heckling.