A spider named Charlotte

Months ago, I read Charlotte's Web to my daughter over the course of many nights. She loves animals and nature and she loved reading this book. Well, we have had quite a large banana spider living near our home, so we have been observing her all summer. T1 (daughter) has named her Charlotte.

Last week, she layed an egg sac in our doorframe. I quickly drew T1's attention to her egg sac and we noticed that poor Charlotte was quite shruken and droopy. T1 exclaimed, "Charlotte layed an egg sac, and she died." I was quite impressed by this observation. What can I say, I am easily impressed by my 3 year old girl.

It turns out, she didn't die! She spun a web that night, blocking the back door. We watched her eat many bugs and moved her in the evening, hoping she'd make a new web that wouldn't block the door! I am thinking of placing her egg sac into a container and waiting for spring... What do
you think?

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