Grapefruit Goodness

I am reposting this today to take part in a blog carnival hosted by Food Renegade called Fight Back Friday.

There is something amazing going on inside this fruit, and it's more than the great taste. There are several segments, seperated by heavy membranes. Within each segment, more segments also seperated by membranes, though these are much thinner, all containing delightful droplets of refreshing juice.

But I see more. I see little morsels combined together to do a good work, bringing nourishment to the consumer. Much like individuals in the body of Christ, combined, can do a good work.
I see walls that seperate, holding in, protecting the nourishment. Much like the walls around my heart, protecting my spirit from that which could puncture, hurt, bruise.

And I see children, faces dripping, taking in healthy nourishment, enjoying every bit.

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foodrenegade.com said...

What a precious picture! Thanks for sharing this beautiful insight today.

Blessings & Peace,
(AKA FoodRenegade)