In which I write something intelligent

Each day is just more and more beautiful than the last. Could the weather be any more gorgeous? I know in a few short months, I will be agonizing over the heat- will it ever go away, I'll ask.... But now, I am loving this glorious sun and comfortable breeze.

We spent the entire. day. outside. Nevermind the pile of dishes in the sink, the pile of laundry on the couch and other assorted piles which are waiting for attention. These things can wait. For now, we enjoy the sun, the warm temperature, the cool breeze.

And, we give thanks to the one who spoke it all into existence. How GREAT! you are God.

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Hadley said...

us too! we have been to the park twice this week, and we are grilling supper for the second night this week too!

that's what memories are made of...not a clean house!