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Have you read about this? You can see more information here. While I am not a fan of companies using scare tactics to motivate moms, there is truth here that we would be wise to hear.

Have you considered that newborn babies don't even need washed with soap? I just soak them in water and follow up with lotion or creme or oil. My two favorite brands (I'm not being paid to say so, I just love them that much) are Burt's Bees and California Baby.

My daughter pertetually smelled like the Buttermilk Lotion. To this day, when I smell it, I am taken back to her downy soft hair, chubby cheeks and all her baby-ness. She's not quite four and that seems like ages ago!

I have written before about my son's dairy issue here. The Buttermilk Lotion by Burt's Bees caused him to break out in hives. And that's when we discovered California Baby.

If you want to use natural skincare products for your children, you can check out more information here and here. I've also seen both brands available at Target and Publix.

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