Great discussion going on here. It's blog worthy for me.

When I started reading blogs about a year ago, I never thought I would actually right one. I was mostly looking for advice with cloth diapers, potty training, etc.

I always enjoyed writing in school, but this is quite different. One day, during an exceptionally long (very rare) naptime, I committed to it. And my blog was born.

When I started, it was just going to be another mommy blog. But I wrote this post about adoptions and reunions, and the blog of mine started to change into something different. I wasn't quite comfortable with what was happening, but I felt the Lord orchestrating it all, so I went along with it.

These past six months have brought me renewed relationships with my biological parents, whom I haven't seen in 20 years, since I was adopted at the age of 7. The coming six months will bring me real live face to face reunions.

This blog is now about my relationships with them and my emotional journey. It's also about the relationships that I am trying to cultivate with my children and other people in my life. And lots of randomness thrown in.

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