Works for Me Wednesday- shopping at Goodwill

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My tip this week is Goodwill. I read many blogs about being frugal and even a few about being green. Shopping at Goodwill can be both. If you take the time and really scavenge, you can find some great deals.

I found a Banana Republic dress last week that was less than $5. It was in mint condition and stunning. It was a very well made and the fabric alone was worth more than that. I was totally bummed when it didn't fit. But, I still found some great things.

Here's what I have found in the past week at Goodwill:

1 cotton skirt, fully lined $3.79

3 cotton tshirts, no stains, no holes, less than $10

1 set of 12 ink pads- most still in plastic wrapping $3.99 (!)

and the best deal of all, that which brought us all so much joy (and will probably cause a few tears and teach us a lesson in sharing), that I immediatly called my mothers (I have a few)...

Little Tikes cozy coupe car $6.99 (!!!)

Now, you have to be careful. It's easy to come home with a pile of junk because it is all so cheap and you get so excited that you overlook the flaws. So,

  • Be critical of what you pick up.

  • And be critical again before you make the purchase, giving everything a final once over.

  • Ask yourself, 'Do I really need it?'

  • Create a list of things you need to be looking out for and take it with you.

  • Keep in mind people you'll be buying gifts for over the year. Our local stores sell overstocked Target items. And sometimes people donate brand new things. So you can give pretty good gifts for a fraction of the price.

  • When I was post partum, I bought two pairs of a jeans in the current size. A couple weeks later, I donated them and recieve a 10% discount on my purchase of two new smaller jeans. I did this a few times until I reached my standard size. I had jeans that fit for a fraction of what I'd spend on brand new jeans. Works well for children who are quickly moving through sizes too!

  • Look for discount days. Some holidays, Goodwill offers 1/2 off everything. In the housewares section, each day is marked by a number. On Saturday or Sunday it is the number 1. If you buy a #1 item on that day, it is 1/2 off.

  • Remember, it's good for the environment too!

  • Have fun. I like going with a group of women. We look for things the others may be interested in too, and then compare. Makes it fun!

Thanks for checking out my post!
Goodwill Works for Me!

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Hadley said...

i love goodwill deals!

you are right about checking what you get and make sure you need it!