The Locator

Way back when I first started this here blog, I wrote this post about The Locator, aka Troy Dunn.

You see, in the beginning this was just to be a regular mommy blog. But somewhere along the way, it changed. I changed. God changed my world.

God has been using my husband to convince me that it is time to allow my biological parents a part of my life. (They had divorced when I was young and allowed my siblings and I to be adopted when I was 7).

Then he got me watching this new show, which is now in it's second season, called The Locator with Troy Dunn. In this show, Troy, a private investigator, takes on an 'angel case.' He selects someone seeking someone and the reunion is the show, basically.

Not yet really dealing with my emotions and just keeping them shoved in the back corner of my heart, I start watching. And God starts pulling on my heart strings, calling me to His will and His desire.

So that, I've started the process of getting to know my parents. Crazy. Exciting. Sometimes overwhelming. Amazingly good for me.

Now, in just a couple weeks, my mother will be arriving to meet my siblings and I, all grown up. I may need some chocolate.

P.S. Thanks Troy

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Adventures of a Country Girl said...

Charlotte, I am very interested in your story. I was adopted when I was 8. My mother died, and my dad couldn't really take care of us. Were you and your siblings adopted into the same home?