A couple months ago, we were at the library. We don't go often, what with three little ones and all.

I was teaching the children the finer points of library behavior in the children's section, while my husband was browsing the adult section. Before he made off, I requested CS Lewis. I had just finished rereading the Chronicles of Narnia for the third time and I was itching for more of his work.

Here's why I appreciate Lewis. Like most great literary works, there is something to be experienced or learned by rereading. For example. The first time I read Jane Austen, I couldn't make out a word, much less a paragraph. However, the more and more I read it, the easier it gets. And I can appreciate the humor and the beautiful descriptions. I learn something each time I reread it, and I can even anticipate my favorite moments.

The same has happened for me while reading the Chronicles of Narnia. First time I read as a child. It was a great story, but I wasn't really into fantasy and most of the beauty of the stories went over my head. Then, I read it again just before the first movie came out. And my, I the things I could see in the story. I could identify with Lucy and Susan and even Edmund and probably Peter too. And then, I read it again last fall and still I saw and experienced more beauty.

But this most often occurs when reading the Bible, for we see in the book of Hebrews that the Word of God is living and active. And each time I read this precious book, I learn more, I experience more and it becomes more and more relevant to me.

Back to the library! He selected for me The Pilgrim's Regress, a book of his which I had never known. It was his first published work of fiction. I tried to read it, but I was distracted. A couple weeks went by and I renewed the books and tried to read it again, but I just couldn't get into it. The books went back to the library. A couple weeks later, I received an overdue notice for that very book. But, I thought I had returned them all. Go figure. I had NO IDEA where that book was. I searched and searched. Another couple weeks passed. I got another overdue notice which stated I would need to pay to replace my now lost book. I confessed to my husband my irresponsibility. He found it humorous. Another week passed. And,

I found it! So, I started to read it again. And I like it. So, I think I'll keep it another couple days and actually read it.


KK said...

I enjoy reading the comments while I have a giveaway going on at another's blog and I stopped when I read your comment to write you ... just to let you know I will be praying for your friend. So very sorry for her loss.
Psalm 46:10
Blessings always,
Matthew 21:22

steadymom.com said...

Love this and you're so right about rereading - that's the beauty of a classic....